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About is a new venture from Digital Scotland, a project to deliver against our mission of building a world leading digital nation.
The site is in a demo mode, to showcase a prototype which will then be finalized through working in collaboration with the care industry.

We’re technologists, specifically Cloud computing experts, so we’re not pretending to be care specialists, but rather our role is to help serve the sector, by understanding their IT needs and meeting these with innovative new solutions that our expertise makes possible.

Virtual Team apps for care providers

As Cloud pioneers we offer a unique capability in building “Platforms”, digital marketplaces that make advanced technologies more accessible to small organizations, such as independents and small care providers.

The Cloud today makes it possible to assemble in a ‘plug and play’ fashion any combination of applications such that they best meet the business process needs of any industry.

For example in addition to this main portal site, which will offer a directory of care providers, we’ll also be incorporating apps that enable care providers to collaborate as a ‘Virtual Team’ to meet the needs of patients, through functionality such as:

  • Skills-based contact enquiry routing
  • Appointment booking
  • Invoicing

Help design

Many other options are possible, and the purpose of this launch engagement is to identify how best to tailor the platform to meet the needs of Scotland’s care providers.

We’ll take a number of steps to realize a truly community-driven venture design process:

  • Form an Advisory Board of industry leaders to ensure we incorporate key insights and practices.
  • Establish a continual feedback loop with care providers.
  • Recruit subject matter experts to co-author a care knowledge base that patients find informative and engaging.

To make this engagement process simple and social, we’ve set up a Linkedin group for feedback and brainstorming discussions – Any and all are welcome to participate and share your views on how best to take forward

If you’re a Twitter user you can also engage here:


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